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Moving & Grounding

September feels to me like the morning caffeine just kicked in - there is a buzz of energy to move around and do a lot of things. When in balance, this energy may feel motivating; when out of balance you may feel tension and overwhelm. We are powerful in that we can pause and observe how we attune to the incoming autumn energy and manage our reception and digestion of the energy into balance.

In my personal practice, I find that incorporating practices that are grounding and flowing help to direct the energy in the fall months more towards the balanced end of the spectrum.

Here are some ideas for these practices:


  • Spend time in nature

  • Yoga poses such as star pose (see picture below)

  • Daily morning meditation of any length to set your day


  • Any type of physical movement (walking, running, dancing, vinyasa yoga)

  • Focus on breath movement by taking complete inhales and exhales

  • Acknowledge the energy around you and allow it to flow through you

Regular moving and grounding practices will help reset and maintain your mindset through the fall months. Commit to your wellbeing like you make commitments to other people and activities: schedule it in your calendar and stick to it the best you can!

If you are interested in fall yoga practices, I am offering Fall Vinyasa, Late Summer Yin & Meridians, and Fall Yin & Meridians on my Videos page, you can get these as individually purchased videos or through a subscription.

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