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Take a moment to review your day. What gifts did you receive? Perhaps unanticipated gifts like noticing a moment of warm sunshine or participating in a friendly exchange during an errand. Maybe you gifted yourself a mindful moment or practiced yoga.

Pick one of these special moments and reflect on it. What is the core element of it - the primary feeling?

Focus on that feeling, letting the particular circumstances fade into the background.

See if you can remind yourself of that feeling periodically throughout the rest of your day.

Spring is a time for growing, nurturing, and directing our goals and energy. If you identified a soul-congruent intention in the winter, you may begin to see the sprout of your idea -- that is so exciting! Or maybe your focus has turned elsewhere, and that is ok too, it can take time and quietness to figure out what to do next.

Ask yourself...

  • what am I directing my energy towards?

  • if I am happy with this direction, how can I nurture it?

  • if I want to redirect to something else, how can I do so mindfully?

It is always ok to adjust, make changes, and shift.

If you feel like you are short on time, focus, or energy for contemplating the direction of your goals and intentions, join me for a workshop dedicated to this topic on Saturday, April 1 at The Salty Buddha in Peabody, Massachusetts. Learn more and sign up.

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January, like all of the winter season, is a time for naturally turning inward. It’s a time for cozy, warm blankets and hot tea. The winter season is a time to meditate and allow space for inspiration. It’s the time before the seeds are planted in the spring — the time to choose what seeds to plant. A way to embrace the meditative energy of the winter season is to create your own mini-retreat.

What is a mini-retreat? It is time you carve out with specific intention and care for body, mind, energy and soul. It’s a nourishing date with yourself with some form of meditation practice at its center that inspires you!

I get that calendars are booked up so quickly and it’s so hard to find the time for coziness and contemplation. One way to make sure you have the chance to embrace the energy that winter offers is to schedule an hour or two, or maybe a full or half day, on the calendar and call it your mini-retreat. Once you schedule it, respect it like any plan, and say no to other invitations that arise. You’re booked!

So what to do on your mini-retreat? Keep it simple and spacious.

  1. Start with an intention. Are you looking for.. Guidance? Inspiration? Room to breathe? Intention becomes your guide for the rest of the time.

  2. Determine the setting. Logistics - where is a quiet, inspiring place you can be in? Do you have a space in your home where you meditate? Do you need to get out of the house and take a yoga class? Do creative outlets call to you, like painting or drawing? How about a drive to look at the ocean? A walk (or snowshoe) adventure in the woods? If your inspired setting is outdoors, have a back up plan for weather so you don’t have to cancel your mini-retreat.

  3. The activity you choose (meditating, yoga, walking, journaling, maybe a combination) is one that helps you turn inward. Begin with your intention. Take some time with it. Allow your intention to be part of the practice and also leave room to go with the flow. Your practice doesn’t have to look or be a certain way, let yourself have some space.

  4. Soak it in. At the end of your practice, I suggest closing by journaling to note your reflections. Spend a few moments in gratitude for any insights you received and for yourself and anyone else who supported you in creating this time.

That’s it. The hardest part is the scheduling, the rest is rejuvenating.

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