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Take a moment to review your day. What gifts did you receive? Perhaps unanticipated gifts like noticing a moment of warm sunshine or participating in a friendly exchange during an errand. Maybe you gifted yourself a mindful moment or practiced yoga.

Pick one of these special moments and reflect on it. What is the core element of it - the primary feeling?

Focus on that feeling, letting the particular circumstances fade into the background.

See if you can remind yourself of that feeling periodically throughout the rest of your day.

  • Writer's pictureCindy

Spring is a time for growing, nurturing, and directing our goals and energy. If you identified a soul-congruent intention in the winter, you may begin to see the sprout of your idea -- that is so exciting! Or maybe your focus has turned elsewhere, and that is ok too, it can take time and quietness to figure out what to do next.

Ask yourself...

  • what am I directing my energy towards?

  • if I am happy with this direction, how can I nurture it?

  • if I want to redirect to something else, how can I do so mindfully?

It is always ok to adjust, make changes, and shift.

If you feel like you are short on time, focus, or energy for contemplating the direction of your goals and intentions, join me for a workshop dedicated to this topic on Saturday, April 1 at The Salty Buddha in Peabody, Massachusetts. Learn more and sign up.

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