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Video Bundles

Purchase a full series of videos for an economical bundled price - a great value!

Video bundles are a way to access multiple videos or a whole series for a discounted price without a monthly subscription. The pre-bundled videos I offer are available below, and I will add more in the future!


To learn more about a bundle, click the three lines under that bundle and then the "i" for info (mobile just click the title). To purchase, click the dollar sign on the bundle you want and then "subscribe," which subscribes you just to this bundle. Purchase via PayPal or credit card (one-time payment). Once you purchase, I recommend that you download each video in the bundle (instructions) so that you always have a copy.

Prior to your first purchase, you MUST complete a waiver. You only need to complete it one time. Thank you!

Yin Yoga & Acupressure Video Bundle $79

Yin Yoga & Acupressure Video Bundle $79

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