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Powerful Gratitude Meditation

I have experienced that a profound shift in your day can happen by taking one minute or less to focus on something you are grateful for. It works best when you pause immediately upon realizing you can do this. Your gratitude can be anything, for example, maybe you pause and feel gratitude for a light breeze of wind, a recent accomplishment, or a deep inhale and exhale.

This practice resets your mindset AND each time you pause for a moment of gratitude, you reinforce positive thinking. It becomes more automatic each time. Gratitude helps us see the reality of all the good things in our life, and it is said that when we are grateful, we are in our highest vibrational state - ease, peace, happiness.

To kickstart this practice, set an alarm to remind you to practice gratitude daily or associate it with a daily routine (e.g., making lunch, brushing your teeth).

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1 Comment

Jun 16, 2023

Thank you for the technique for being present with gratitude in little moments. It is a great stress reducer. We bring ourselves back to the really important and pleasant things for which we have gratitude.

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