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October Gratitude

October is a very special month. Its colors make it impossible to ignore nature, its crisp wind makes us feel simultaneously invigorated and looking for a cozy blanket. On the last day of October 2020, nature is giving us a special treat (we had enough tricks this year) ... the Blue Hunter's Full Moon. Each month's full moon has a name, and October's full moon is called the Hunter's Moon. The Blue Moon means that it is the second full moon of the month. October 2020 is bookended by full moons, the first full moon was on October 1 (named the Harvest Moon because it is closest to the autumn equinox).

October 31 is, of course, Halloween, or Samhain ("Sow-in"). Many cultures and spiritual paths that track closely to nature and her cycles connect this day with "thinning of the veil," which means we can connect more closely with spirits of ancestors. It is a powerful time to pause, reflect, and release and to forge gratitude and healing to replace what you release.

I encourage you to make and schedule time on October 31 to connect inward and identify something to release and replace it with specific gratitudes. Step out and gaze at that full moon. Halloween might be different this year, but challenge yourself to make "different" something extra special.

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