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Spring into Summer

Happy Beltane! 🌱☀️🌙

Halfway between spring equinox (Ostara) and summer solstice.

This is a time of merging of fire/sun/ action energies and water/moon/resting energies. Maybe you feel a little more balanced? If not, try nature. Notice how she absorbs and needs both to flourish. Some days are really rainy and others are really sunny, and the balance is in the medium-term viewpoint.

🔥 💧

When I look at the eightfold wheel of the year, the Druid calendar, I think about how the chakras (our primary energy centers) relate. Beltane seems to relate most to the sacral chakra (svadhisthana), the center of creativity, fertility, and fluidity.


This is a time of expression and growth in nature. What is that you would like to see grow or move fluidly? This is fertile time. Note what seeds you are nurturing unconsciously and consciously! Do your best. That is all that is in your control.


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