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Imbalance Is O.K.

Spring is peeking her head in to let us know that she is close by. With the light lengthening, winter is melting, and nature is blossoming.

We start to feel a bit more active too. Sometimes we go so far into activity mode that it starts to feel imbalanced. We start to wonder if we’re doing TOO much. But you know what? That’s ok.

It’s ok to do too much sometimes. Just like it’s ok to take a break and rest.

Sometimes we are ready, open, and energized for a flurry of activity, a lot manifesting at once, creativity and ideas flowing in rapidly, and saying yes to lots of invitations. The universe is as excited for you as you feel.

Work this into your meditation practice. Look towards your inner guide and listen to the answer when you ask, “is this in line with my intentions?” Practice gratitude and no guilt.

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