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Cultivating Friendliness

Yoga Sutra 3.24: Inner Strength manifests from the cultivation of friendliness

This sutra is one that illuminates itself when I read it. Friendliness is typically thought of as a manner in which we interact and greet people, and this is a wonderful practice.

What about also cultivating friendliness towards ourselves, and concerted friendliness in our approach to daily tasks and even objects? How about friendliness towards our own thoughts and emotions?

Spend one minute and approach everything with friendliness, absent of judgement. Then try one hour and perhaps one whole day. Where could it lead?

Here is a meditation to help reflect on friendliness.

  1. Find a comfortable position.

  2. Take some deep breaths, allowing thoughts and emotions to be present, yet beginning to settle down with your awareness on breath.

  3. Bring to mind the word "friendliness."

  4. What images, memories, people or ideas come up along with the word? If friendliness had a physical shape, what would it look like, feel like, sound like, smell like? What is its energy? Observe.

  5. Now breathe in the energy of friendliness, and let it embody you. Notice what you feel in your body, mind, spirit.

  6. Spend as much time as you wish exploring the concept and your connection to friendliness. When you are ready to release your meditation, become aware of breath and body and gently move back into your day.

Cultivate friendliness through samyama (simultaneous concentration, meditation, and deep absorption on a subject).

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