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Anytime Grounding Meditation

This quick meditation can be done anywhere, in almost any situation when you can briefly be still. Use the meditation whenever you need to get out of your head and back into a solid place from which wise action emanates.

  1. Sit or stand with feet firmly on the floor and length in your spine.

  2. Pay attention to the physical connection from the soles of your feet through your shoes, down to the surface of the floor, through the building and all the way down towards the ground.

  3. Picture the earth the dirt, the rocks supporting you.

  4. Take a deep breath, so deep that the earth under you responds to your inhale, and with your exhale, she sends you her warmth, her comfort, and her steadiness.

  5. You can follow several more breaths with this exchange or continue on with your day after simply one breath.

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