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Allow Intention to Arise

Summer is still in full swing, with some of the edge taken off as the weather shifts and the evenings are just a tiny bit shorter. Though for many of us, mentally, emotionally, and plan-wise, things are more edgy than ever as we begin to head into September in this uncharted year of 2020. It feels so counterintuitive in the moment to carve out time for your wellbeing when you feel stressed, busy, or uncertain, but it is absolutely essential -- you know this!

Creating any new habit starts with planting a seed, an intention. That applies to whether you want to find more groundedness and stability through organization, shift your perspective or outlook, or manage your baseline stress level. You do not have to figure it all out at once, but what you can do in the next couple of weeks is reflect on how you want to be and when you want to feel it. Some example intentions might be:

I have a higher perspective when I hear/read ever-changing information.

I am flexible with uncertainty.

I soak in joy when I connect with my family and friends.

I am doing my best in uncharted territory.

Spend some quiet time to let an intention rise up and then allow it to become a planted seed. Perhaps it will come to you while on a walk, gazing at the sunset, sitting around a fire pit, meditating, or some random moment between all the doing. Then let that seed spend some time in the ground, and while it soaks up nutrients, you can nurture it by continuing to come back to it like a mantra, journaling about it, or further meditating on connecting to the qualities of the intention.

The meditation and yoga videos on my website are one way you can connect back to yourself to allow your intention to rise to the surface. I created a Yin Yoga Chakra Series to lead you into a quieter place within yourself. The first in the series focuses on the root chakra, your energy center that keeps you grounded on a firm foundation. Subscribers can access all yoga and meditation content. I also added a 5 Minute Opening Meditation in my Try Before You Buy channel, open to all.

You have a deep well of resilience, tap into it. I am here for you.

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