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My Influences

Yoga means "to yoke," or to bring together, connect.  Below is a list of some of my influences who have yoked into my life and therefore are blended into what comes forward when I teach. If you are looking for books, teachers, or recommendations, and you are called to any on this list, I hope you will honor your curiosity and explore them directly on your own journey.

Teachers I have studied with directly



Jacqui Bonwell ~ my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and basically every workshop and offering she has ever done. A must for chakras and Yoga Sutras. My Mama Bird.

Willa Worsfold ~ my 300 hour YTT (making me a 500 hour teacher). Her Buddhist-influenced meditations bring you right into connection with yourself.

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker ~ my Shamanic Coaching certification (in progress) in spiritual and life wisdom teachings through the Medicine Wheel, through  Lakota and Druid pathways of self-reflection.

Jené Rossi ~ my Reiki I & II attunement and the first teacher to introduce me to energy work.

Sagel Urlacher ~ my 24 hour Yin Yoga & Meditation teacher training and 35 hour Yoga Nidra Meditation teacher training. Sagel has a gentle way of making complex concepts accessible for many audiences.

Boston University ~ my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience/Biology (with heavy tones of Psychology) and master's degree in Public Health.  Sound complicated? Not really: the body and mind work together to find a state of balance (yoga and meditation remind us that balance is our true nature).  When we work on the balance and peace within us, we can influence our communities, and people will shine their own lights. We need to support each other while respecting each path, even if not our own.

Teachers whose books, poems, or podcasts have influenced me

Swami J ~ Yoga Sutra studies, he has an amazing free website with great detail on how to understand and live by each sutra.  I have studied many versions of interpretations of the Yoga Sutras (credited to Pantanjali for writing down the existing sutras for the first time), unfortunately many famous teachers let their power go unchecked and harmed people because of it, so I prefer to support teachers who embody a path of svahyaya (self-reflection) and ahimsa (non-harming).

Rick Hanson ~ many books, podcasts, and meditations about how your mind works through his blend of Psychology and Buddhism.  Start with Buddha's Brain.

Rolf Gates ~ 

Don Miguel Ruiz ~The Four Agreements is accessible and practical for approaching universal challenges we each face in life through Toltec knowledge. "Be impeccable with your word; Don't take anything personally; Don't make assumptions; Always do your best."

Paulo Coelho ~ his books are about finding and being on your path.  the right book for the moment has shown up miraculously on my path at exactly the right moments, and I hope the same occurs for you should you find his teachings (in fact, I am sure it will).

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